Changing Tide

A Perspective on Female Heroines and Visual Storytelling





In a future world where global warming and natural disaster has wreaked havoc on the planet, people have anticipated the great disaster and created many life-supporting vessels. Anahita is a massive ship that has enabled its inhabitants to survive for over a hundred years. In this time and age, a great divide exists between two groups of people, the workers, and the surface dwellers. The two classes live in equal harmony, but unequal lives. As unpredictable disasters start to arise, a young mechanic finds herself in the middle of an unfolding scheme, and it falls on her to risk everything to save her people. This overarching body of work aims to dispel the one-sided view of women often portrayed in science fiction and to speculate on prominent social issues that impact many people around the world. By creating this visual narrative, I hope to create characters that are relatable to a diverse audience and who bring new meaning to female representations.