Ginger always found life on the ship to be oppressive. Despite living on the surface with her Keeper parents she always dreamed of one day getting away from it. Despite her parents hope for her she chose to enter a fisherman mentorship. Which set her on the course of becoming a first generation fisher lady. Despite the guilt of disappointing her parents, she is elated by the possibility of getting far from the ship. Ginger met Isla a few years after she became a fisher lady. Upon finding out that Isla is a Mechanic she incessantly pestered Isla to fix an old fishing boat for her, to which Isla begrudgingly agreed to do ginger is fisher lady by choice, she is the daughter of two housekeepers and becoming a fisher lady was her only get away from the ship, she loves the sea and feels too confined within the ship, she is friends with Isla because she is the only mechanic who was willing to use her free time to add modifications to gingers little boat.

Bothaina Al Qaisi